Trucks Plus – 2018 Watch List: Coming Right Up…

The automaker and aftermarket industries do the dance from time to time—alright, often. It’s the age-old sibling battle of, “Anything you do, I can do better.” The truth is, their cooperative advancements ensure the kind of momentum that is not only contagious, but also keeps all parties honest—a Yin and Yang effect, if you will. It’s a delicate balance, as the collective victories and setbacks of one inspires the next level of innovation for the other, and so the wheel of creativity continues to spin.

Newly-introduced or enhanced vehicle platforms are no exception, and they fuel the aftermarket like lighter fluid over hot coals. That said, everyone is patiently awaiting 2018 model year releases. Many are promising, though consumers should expect some to make a bigger splash than others. Can anything truly compete with the sheer dominance of the F-150, Sierra, Silverado, and RAM in the Great White North? Read More

This feature wouldn’t have been possible without valuable input from BAK Industries, Retrax, Undercover, Magnaflow, and Air Design USA.

2018 Ford F-150 Backside

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