Off Road Plus: Tread Lightly, Environmentally Friendly Off-Roading

Off Road Plus Tread Lightly 2“The writing is on the wall for recreationalists: clean up your act, or we’ll clean it up for you. And it’ll come at the cost of closing off public lands to enthusiasts such as yourselves. After all, it’s not nature’s responsibility to dispose of the mess after we’re gone. As the Tread Lightly! foundation teaches us, every impression counts and a little consideration goes a long way. Take the Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers, for example, who pride themselves on being an environmentally-responsible club that adheres as much as possible to the Tread Lightly! philosophy. As for the pressure being applied from activists, “we’ve certainly felt that crunch locally, with some areas being closed-off to motorized vehicles, but we’ve taken steps to present a more positive outlook of the sport,” said club member Paul Dufresne.” Read the full feature here.

Credit: Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers, The Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive (OF4WD), Central Ontario Off Road Jeep Club, Manitoba Public Insurance, Tread Lightly!, and Rugged Ridge. 

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