Annual Report Template

Annual reports for healthcare organizations summarize achievements and financial results during the most recent 12-month period. They provide expectations about the future and, if done correctly, serve as a powerful marketing tool. Our annual report mockup below is one template example of many showcasing a professional, impactful design that can be customized for any client.


Final Jeep Wrangler JK Rolls Off the Assembly Line

What has graced more covers than Pamela Anderson and done more wardrobe swaps than Lady Gaga?

It may be the end of the line for the JK, but its legacy is only beginning.

Since its launch in 2007, the Jeep® Wrangler JK/JKU has become a global symbol of customization and capability. And in the process, it has proven that, yes, both brains and beauty are possible.

Just as the Jeep® JK vastly improved upon the outgoing TJ, so too the JL will reveal innovative progress. And while the new model is positioned to knock the socks off the North American markets, it would be foolish to talk of the JK in past tense. We may be bidding farewell to production, but profit potential is a far cry from dried up. Indeed, second and third vehicle ownership are set to provide another generation of sales revenue. Read more here.

A very special thank you to editorial staff at The Engine Block, Corby Phillips of WARN Industries, Dan Guyer of Keystone Automotive, and Scott Poncher, President/CEO of Up Down Air Systems for their participation on this piece.


Off Road Plus: Tread Lightly, Environmentally Friendly Off-Roading

Off Road Plus Tread Lightly 2“The writing is on the wall for recreationalists: clean up your act, or we’ll clean it up for you. And it’ll come at the cost of closing off public lands to enthusiasts such as yourselves. After all, it’s not nature’s responsibility to dispose of the mess after we’re gone. As the Tread Lightly! foundation teaches us, every impression counts and a little consideration goes a long way. Take the Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers, for example, who pride themselves on being an environmentally-responsible club that adheres as much as possible to the Tread Lightly! philosophy. As for the pressure being applied from activists, “we’ve certainly felt that crunch locally, with some areas being closed-off to motorized vehicles, but we’ve taken steps to present a more positive outlook of the sport,” said club member Paul Dufresne.” Read the full feature here.

Credit: Eastern Ontario Trail Blazers, The Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive (OF4WD), Central Ontario Off Road Jeep Club, Manitoba Public Insurance, Tread Lightly!, and Rugged Ridge. 

Off Road Plus – Benchmark of Excellence: Jeep Wrangler JL Aftermarket

The first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club.

And for the longest time, Jeep didn’t utter a word about its highly-anticipated JL release. Sure, seven-slot nation ventured a guess and even made a few intelligent inferences, but the badge kept production details hush…until the 2017 LA Auto Show, that is.

Wrangler’s cult-like following made but a single request: don’t screw it up. Doing so would only ensure that “things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,” said Car and Driver. Spoiler alert: screw it up, they didn’t. In fact, despite the updated body style being a distant relative to the original Wrangler, the JL “is a carefully considered improvement, if not a wholesale rethink of the family jewel,” continued Car and Driver. Read More

Special thanks to Fab Fours, Teraflex Suspensions, and Magnaflow for their participation in the coverage.


Trucks Plus – 2018 Watch List: Coming Right Up…

The automaker and aftermarket industries do the dance from time to time—alright, often. It’s the age-old sibling battle of, “Anything you do, I can do better.” The truth is, their cooperative advancements ensure the kind of momentum that is not only contagious, but also keeps all parties honest—a Yin and Yang effect, if you will. It’s a delicate balance, as the collective victories and setbacks of one inspires the next level of innovation for the other, and so the wheel of creativity continues to spin.

Newly-introduced or enhanced vehicle platforms are no exception, and they fuel the aftermarket like lighter fluid over hot coals. That said, everyone is patiently awaiting 2018 model year releases. Many are promising, though consumers should expect some to make a bigger splash than others. Can anything truly compete with the sheer dominance of the F-150, Sierra, Silverado, and RAM in the Great White North? Read More

This feature wouldn’t have been possible without valuable input from BAK Industries, Retrax, Undercover, Magnaflow, and Air Design USA.

2018 Ford F-150 Backside

Muscle Cars Plus: Chevy Camaro, Born to Perform

It was an honor to be asked by Muscle Cars Plus to complete 50th anniversary coverage for the iconic Chevrolet Camaro. The challenge with any feature of this magnitude is paying respect to the platform in a way that is personalized but authentic. The vintage style photography complemented the editorial.

Insight from longtime industry veterans Smitty Smith and Cary Redman – Edelbrock, Frank Thibodeau – Moroso, Jim Holloway – Mothers, Rory Connell – Gibson Performance, Steve Wolcott – ProMedia Inc., and Jesse Rohr of MBRP Exhaust. Read Feature