Morse High School’s Auto Body Program Receives Recognition for Contribution at 2017 SEMA Show

Students enrolled at Morse High School’s Auto Body Program in San Diego, CA were able to lend a helping hand on an award-winning 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) project. Started in 2012, the Morse High School Auto Body Program exposes its students to a variety of careers within the automotive industry.

This top-secret shadow program, as NBC San Diego reported, gave them an opportunity to experience hands-on tutelage from industry veterans. The students collaborated with SEMA project leaders at Air Design USA, Sherwin Williams, and Ford Motor Company to design an award-winning black and silver 2018 Ford Mustang and F-150 duo like no other. After the students completed their contribution to the SEMA builds, the vehicles were transported and revealed at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, after which they appeared on display at the 2018 Detroit and LA Auto shows.

Morse Highschool spot-8

“This was one of the most special SEMA builds. Not only was it the first time I was awarded two vehicle projects by Ford, but it also is a project that so many people get to share in the success,” said Billy Longfellow, VP of Design and Engineering at Air Design USA. “These kids, they poured their hearts into the builds. And today, they share in the outstanding design award we received,” he continued.

Here is a short video created by Air Design USA, Sherwin Williams, and Ford Motor Company to commemorate the experience and show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Morse students.

Air Design USA exclusively distributes its product line through Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

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