MGP Caliper Covers Celebrates 10th Anniversary

MGP Caliper Covers—a leading provider of stylish, affordable, easy-to-install custom caliper coversis celebrating its 10th anniversary. Their caliper covers, which disguise the brake mechanism visible behind increasingly popular rims with open wheel designs, are the result of state-of-the-art technologies along with 30 years of engineering experience. Vehicle-specific applications are crafted with a patented stainless steel fastening system for a design that is unique, flawless, and versatile across a wide array of modern-day vehicle platforms.

“MGP Caliper Covers has standards far above and beyond the normal everyday automotive bolt-on modification, utilizing aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel, precision CNC machining, hydraulic forming, and TIG welding,” said the company.

A Rags to Riches Story

Owner Mike Barland developed the MGP caliper cover after upgrading the wheels on his new truck. Dissatisfied with the unfinished look created by the visible brake calipers, Barland went to his workshop to design the prototype and the patented fastening system.

In its first year, MGP sold just 200 units. A decade later, more than 250,000 vehicles have been fitted with the company’s caliper covers. Initially appealing to owners of American performance cars, MGP Caliper Covers is now increasingly sought out by drivers of trucks, SUVs, and luxury cars.

“Over our 10 years in business, caliper covers have been well received as an exterior accessory and we’ve proven that there’s demand and huge opportunity for growth. There are over 100 million cars in the U.S. with open-wheel design, and that number increases every year,” said Barland. “On their own, our custom caliper covers are a uniquely accessible and affordable upgrade for personalizing a vehicle’s appearance,” he continued. Or they can be the perfect finishing touch for owners who want to upgrade to an aftermarket wheel package that enhances looks and performance.

MGP Caliper Covers currently offers customizable aluminum caliper covers for all vehicle makes and models from the last 20 years and can create options for older vehicles upon request. Custom options include factory paint matching to the vehicle’s own paint color, personalized engravings, and engravings from MGP’s licensed partners.

“Manufacturers see the value in this product, and that helped us get licensing partnerships with Ford, GM, MOPAR, Honda, and Acura with more to come in the future,” Barland said.

MGP products are available via the company website and through a nationwide network of more than 21 major licensed dealers.



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