Air Design USA Releases All-New Street Series Design for 2018+ Ford F-150

Air Design USA recently released its all-new Street Series Ground Effects Kit for the 2018+ Ford F-150, which features aggressive street styling with an OEM-quality fit and a satin-black finish that can be painted to match. This product line is inspired by the beloved classic styling of lowered street trucks as well as high-performance pickups on the market today. The marriage of design elements creates a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to ignite a modern Street Truck Revolution.

“We debuted the Street Series on our award-winning Ford F-150 SEMA Show build and it was a huge success, from fellow Ford dealers excited to see it on the lot and shop owners equally excited to stock it, to positive feedback at consumer shows,” said Billy Longfellow, VP of Design and Engineering at Air Design USA.

Like every other product wearing the company logo, it was designed via a sophisticated digital workflow and precision engineering for a finished product of the upmost quality. The Street Series kit is manufactured with high impact, multilayer ABS plastic and elastomeric polyurethane that contours to the hood surface for a perfect fit with no drilling required. Because the kit redirects air toward the ground and away from the truck’s underbody, drivers can expect improved dynamics and a boost in overall performance. Also appealing to retailers, restylers, and DIYers alike is a quick installation and three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

“The Ford F-150 Street Series is designed to be sold as a full body kit because each part is meticulously integrated so that factory ride and aftermarket products become one. Wheel arches are recessed into the front air dam, side skirts, and rear lower shirt, with an option to include or exclude the hood scoop as part of the package. Choose from a satin black, glossy black, or Ford G1 Shadow Black finish. This seamless design is what gives the F-150 Street Series an off-theshowroom-floor appearance,” said Longfellow.

The Air Design USA division works in collaboration with its parent company in Mexico and exclusively distributes its product line through Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

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