5 Things You Should Know About YouTube Marketing for Business

Video marketing is here to stay and it’s no secret that YouTube dominates the world. A trustworthy study performed by Cisco predicted that by the end of 2020, about 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in the world will be via video. Wow! That means that your company must capitalize on this powerful marketing video trend or you risk being put out of business by competitors that are maximizing and leveraging YouTube to the max. The good news? If you’re a small to medium sized business owner, it’s not too late to join the party! And no need to fear—YouTube marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Zalutko Business Services shows that YouTube Marketing can be easy and fun.

Keep reading and you’ll discover practical tips that you can use today to take advantage of this incredible platform. And you’ll learn five things that are must-know about YouTube marketing for business:

  1. YouTube marketing for business Quickstart
  2. The importance of picking an audience niche
  3. Spying on your competition’s videos to make your videos better
  4. How to add the right mix of tags to rank your video
  5. What to do with your millions of YouTube subscribers! (We hope this will be you!)

Ready, set, let’s dive right in!

How to Start Your YouTube Marketing Channel

Okay, so the absolute first thing you need to do is go to your favorite browser, (We hope it’s Chrome!) and type https://www.youtube.com. From there, we assume you have a Gmail account so click on Sign In in the top right of the page. Once logged in, start with the basics and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen. Click on the gear icon named “Settings” to reach your account’s YouTube Settings. If that doesn’t work, type this directly on your browser: https://www.youtube.com/account.

Zalutko Business Services shows that YouTube marketing doesn't have to be diffcult.

Next, click on “See all my channels or create a new channel.” Select “+ Create a New Channel.”

Zalutko Business Services shows that YouTube marketing doesn't have to be complicated.

YouTube will now ask you to create a Brand Account so be sure to name it something cool and unique in order to create your new channel. For example, John’s Gourmet Pasta Cooking World, Mary’s Ford Muscle Car Garage, Raj’s Finest Western European Wines, etc.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start uploading awesome videos.

  1. Copy and paste your YouTube Channel URL address.
  2. Add this to the end of your URL to dramatically increase your subscriber count: ?sub_confirmation=1

Pick an Audience Niche & Define Your Purpose

With the limitless amount of types of interests and YouTube channels, it can be difficult to hone in on your target audience. Consider these tips to help you reach your goal. Know your fan demographic and don’t cater to a broad audience. Niche audiences are under-served by traditional media! You’ll discover thrilled fans when you speak to them through your videos in a tailored way. And that leads to more engagement, views, and watch time. The key is to make videos you’re passionate about that add value to the lives of your viewers. Additionally, ask yourself, How much interest and demand is there for my niche?

Your YouTube marketing will be more successful if you cater to a niche audience.

So, what is the most effective way to decide if a particular niche is worth exploring and pursuing?

●     Research Reddit forums and Alltop blogs which are great sources outside of YouTube.

●     Look at social media pages on your chosen topic.

●     View current YouTube videos from competing channels in your prospective niche.

●     Give Google Trends a spin and compare demand for your chosen topics

One final tip is to head over to YouTube Creators Academy and learn for free how to optimize and maximize your audience niche. This resource is top-notch, so go and check it out!

Look at Competitor’s Current Videos & Fill Knowledge Gaps

Some YouTube videos are plain awful! So, what can you do about it to avoid falling by the wayside?

If your niche audience is into horticulture for example, look at videos that relate to this topic. “How to plant the best tomatoes,” for instance. YouTube’s algorithm will automatically serve you the most relevant videos and I recommend you view between 5-10 of them. This gives you an idea of what’s out there. Be sure to write down what’s good (and bad!) about these video snippets. Later, you will use the information you gathered, and deliver an amazing video experience to your subscribers leaving the YouTube competition in the dust!

Improve your YouTube marketing strategy by watching competitor's videos.

To make ’em eat dirt, first, you may notice that it’s been years since a pre-ketchup recording has shown up. This is an opportunity for you to delight your gardening buddies with the latest technology in harvesting these little red guys. But seriously, if the top videos YouTube serves you are dated, it’s time to upload some fresh content for the masses.

Second, pay attention to missing intro and outros. These are hallmarks of polished videos and having them can set your videos apart for a potential higher ranking and increased subscription count.

Third, look for authenticity and sincerity in the videos. Does the person just show a PowerPoint slide with a monotone voice? Ouch! Showing your video in your own unique voice will come across as a well-received message. Your genuine, from-the-heart YouTube video will captivate your audience which will result in a growing following. The fact is, people see through the BS in videos and quickly tune in or tune out.

Last, look at the likes, thumbs down, comments, engagement, and interactions people are leaving on the videos. These are huge clues as to the quality of the visuals. At the end of the day, people on YouTube are looking to have a problem solved and/or be entertained. Your subscribers want a worthwhile and engaging experience. Ask yourself, “Is my video solving a problem? Is it entertaining, helping, or serving my audience?

Improve your YouTube marketing by watching others' videos and taking notes.

Optimizing Your Video with the Right Tags

By now you should be confident in what you’ve learned so far about YouTube marketing. And we have two more great milestone tips for you, so you can be on your way to uploading videos like a seasoned pro!

When optimizing your videos with the right tags, keep these three things in mind for quick success with your creative visual content.

First though, what are tags and how can they help you?

Simply put, tags help users understand the context and content of your creative visual works. They intelligently inform your viewers what your video is about. (Are we watching a movie review, a Ferrari spotlight, or a cooking tutorial video?) Tags help answer what your audience wants to watch and know.

Properly tag your videos in your YouTube marketing strategy.

Quick Tip 1. Answer the Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How of your content. (You’d be surprised how many YouTube videos don’t answer these basics.)

Quick Tip 2. Consider using a tool like TubeBuddy Tag Explorer. (There’s a free version.) It helps your videos rank greater within the search results and thereby get more views. It also aids you in long-tail research terms in order to hone in on what your niche audience is looking for on YouTube’s platform. And it helps you uncover trending tags to keep your videos competitive for the long haul.

Quick Tip 3. According to Ann Smarty, from the Internet Marketing Ninja Blog, properly tagging videos is perhaps the most critical factor to rank your creative content in the YouTube algorithm search results. So, add your brand-specific tags! The point of having your own YouTube channel is to grow brand awareness and increase subscriber count. If your business is: Mary Smith’s Kick-Ass Apple Pies, then for apple’s sakes add your brand name in the tags!

It would look something like this: marysmithskickasspies.com, Mary Smith Pies, Mary Smith’s Kick-Ass Apple Pies, Mary Kick-Ass Pies, etc.

Be sure to tag your brand in your YouTube marketing strategy.

What to Do with Your YouTube Following

In one word: MONETIZE.

By now, you have started your own YouTube channel. You’ve selected an audience niche and defined your channel purpose. You’ve spied on your competition and filled in vulnerable knowledge gaps in hopes to “One-up” them. (Good for you!) You got a little savvy and technical by optimizing your visual content with the right tags. And you even managed to add your brand-specific tags, all variations of your Kick-Ass Apple pies! (Now, I want pie!)

So, now what?

What do you do with your audience that you worked very hard to build? While there is no magic answer and the choice is entirely up to you, I hope these ideas can certainly point you in the right direction.

A strong YouTube marketing strategy will see your business grow.

Ideas for profiting from your YouTube subscriber count:

  1. Sell your own merchandise like clothes, t-shirts, coffee mugs, jewelry, etc.
  2. Turn on monetization on your YouTube channel. Become a YouTube Partner and give permission for ads to be displayed on your recordings.
  3. Sell someone else’s products.
  4. Work and partner with brands as a product sponsor, influencer, or affiliate
  5. Apply for Amazon’s Influencer Program.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the YouTube marketing platform. Apply these tips and you will succeed. Now, stop reading and start watching! (Make pie just like Grandma!)


Federick GonzalezFederick Gonzalez is a native of Southern California, growing up in the LA area. He is the oldest of five siblings—one brother and three sisters. Federick’s undergraduate Alma Mater is the University of Maryland, after which he pursued his Masters at the University of Oklahoma. As a military veteran of nearly 15 years, Federick loves and supports the Armed Forces. A proud dad and serial traveler, he has experienced the cultures of 25+ countries and counting. Federick is passionate about all-things digital and spends his free time immersed in trending business topics, volunteer work, spiritual concepts, Spanish culture, and adding value to the lives of those around him. Fun Fact: Federick has attended more than 20 flamenco concerts!

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