Part 2: Instagram Marketing Tips to Put Your Business on the Map

Welcome back! Last post we brought you the first three of seven useful Instagram marketing tips that your small business can start using right now to see immediate results. These last four tips should really give you some business super powers and help put you on the map.

Learn Instagram for Business Right Now!

So, last time we talked about how Social Blade can help your business find Instagram influencers in this $2+ billion industry. In this post, we will cover why BuzzSumo deserves some love too, as well as discuss some more Instagram marketing tips to help you find qualified and value-minded Instagram influencers. BuzzSumo’s website is spot-on and sums it up for the business person by saying, Influencer marketing and outreach is a powerful way to extend your reach with a target audience without relying on paid media. Influencers have an audience and can drive traffic to your content.”

Instagram marketing tips

We highly encourage you to begin your journey by using an Instagram influencer that can really play a key role in generating sales and engagement for your business. Big brands use influencers, so why shouldn’t you? Here’s a small sampling of what BuzzSumo can do for your profession:

1. Find Influencers

Powerful influencers research. Search by key influencers in any topic, area, or location.

2. Scrutinize Influencers

Filter influencers and their sharers by influence, reach, engagement, and authority.

3. Follow Influencers

Follow influencers within BuzzSumo by adding them directly to your lists on Twitter.

Instagram marketing tips

4. Influencer Sharing

Spy what content an influencer shares, evaluate the subjects they share most frequently and the domains they’re sharing.

5. Export Influencer Data

Export aggregate results like influencers, content sharers, and most frequently shared content as an Excel / CSV file for detailed reporting and use the export file in other applications.

6. Outreach

Maintain and build outreach lists and collaborate with key influencers

There is currently a 7-day free trial that’s worth a shot. Then, a paid plan keeps you going. You can view free results now as a teaser; but to see all of the results, you’ll have to fork over some money. (Yeah, it’s very capitalistic, we know.)

Tip 4. Set Up Your Business Profile on Instagram

Okay, so now that we’ve given you two solid resources for finding an Instagram influencer, let’s make sure you’ve got the goods to attract one! Switching to a business profile on Instagram will offer you so many advantages. You’ll have access to extra insights, analytics, and business tools that an ordinary plain Jane profile doesn’t have. Additionally, with a business account, you’ll have access to Instagram Insights and new business features.

Instagram marketing tips

For example, your ability to know when the best times to post for maximum follower engagement is huge, and having a business profile to show you these insights is invaluable. Furthermore, a business profile on Instagram helps your clients and customers connect with your business. Customizable call-to-action buttons, like adding a business phone number or address, make it easier for potential customers to get a hold of your company. Think of these options like VIP access. There’s no charge to convert the profile, and you can really leverage those perks to give people more information about yourself and your business. And pretty soon, they’ll be scrambling to join you behind that velvet rope at the Instagram club.

But What If I Don’t Like It?

So what happens if you think the business features are just meh and want to switch back to your old personal profile?

Instagram marketing tips

Just follow some easy steps and you’re back to eating plain Jane vanilla. (Hey, some people like that flavor.) However, please note that any insights, stats, and info gained under your business profile will be lost permanently once switched to a personal profile.

Tip 5. Use Instagram Ads for Business and Show Your Business Persona

Don’t sleep on Instagram Paid Advertising! Also known as “Sponsored Posts,” your business cannot afford to ignore the following stats directly from the source:

  1. 4 Billion+ Instagram accounts worldwide are active every single month.
  2. 500 Million+ Instagram accounts worldwide are active every day.
  3. 300 Million+ accounts use Instagram Stories every day.
  4. 80 Percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram.

Instagram marketing tips

Consider using Instagram Ads for Business to give your company a huge boost in engagement, conversions, branding, and sales! Also, your business is not limited to just the aforementioned. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, Instagram marketing shares the same familiar ad platform displayed in Facebook Ads Manager.

You’ll love the many options and objectives that are right for your industry. Does your business need more reach, traffic, lead generation, and/or store visits? Instagram Marketing Ads for Business has got your entire business covered. This image quickly sums up the different business goals you can choose from that will help your company.

Instagram marketing tips

Tip 6. Set and Stick to an Advertising Budget

Are you comfortable with spending five bucks? Depending on your marketing ad spend, you can start out with as little as $5, and progress up to tens of thousands of dollars. We recommend you decide on a budget and then scale up once you see positive results from your marketing campaigns. Some business owners make the mistake of throwing money at marketing and hoping something sticks. This is a bad approach. Starting small and building up (based upon sales results), is a much more effective method of smart business marketing.

Instagram marketing tips

Once you decide what types of Instagram Business Ads are right for you, you’ll have a menu of detailed and specific objectives you can choose from within the Instagram ads platform.

Tip 7. Use Hashtags For Super Powers Sake! (#businesssuperpowers)

Want to put your audience reach into overdrive? Then definitely use hashtags! Put simply, a hashtag expands your targeted reach within any given topic, industry, and niche. (Think #LuxuryHomes or #GourmetCooking.) If there are no hashtags for your particular interest, all you have to do is create one.

Bonus Tip: Give the free web-based All Hashtag Tool a try. It will help you in your Hashtag research, as well as supply a tool to create your hashtags automatically. (Very useful when you’ve got a LOT of hashtags to make but don’t want to keep separating every word with the # sign.) All Hashtag also offers a generator tool that will supply related hashtags based on a keyword you supply. So, if you type in “bussiness services,” All Hashtag will suggest hashtags like #marketing, #managementconsulting, #smallbusiness, and #strategicplanning.

Instagram marketing tips

Outside of using an online tool, there’s a simple formula to help you create a solid hashtag:

NameOfYourBusiness +Your Product or Service or Feeling

Examples: #AppleiPhone, #CocaColaLove, #ZalutkoContentMarketing

How do I use hashtags?

You can add hashtags in the comments or captions of your post/s. Should you add hashtag/s to a post that is set to a public profile, the post will be 100% visible on the equivalent hashtag page.

If you want to tag a photo or video with a hashtag, simply type the “#” symbol once you upload your content and choose a filter. If you want to add a hashtag to an Instagram post you’ve already uploaded, you can choose to edit the caption or simply add it in the comments section.

Instagram marketing tips

After you tag your post with a hashtag, you will be able to tap that hashtag to see a page that shows all videos and photos from people worldwide that have uploaded their images and videos with that same hashtag. (Example #Love)

A Couple Things to Remember About Hashtags

If you keep your profile private and add a hashtag to one of your posts, that post won’t appear publicly on the hashtag page. Only your followers will be able to see those posts.

Additionally, while numbers are permitted in hashtags (ex: #4x4OffRoad), special characters and spaces will not work.

You can use up to thirty hashtags on a post. Should you try to include more than that on a single image or video, your comment won’t post. (Instagram algorithm police, sorry.)

Instagram marketing tips

One final piece of hashtag advice is that the targeted hashtags must be related to your post image or video for maximum results. This one simple tip when used effectively, can bring your business hundreds and thousands of ideal customers that are looking for your exact offerings. In addition to hashtags, your company can be discovered by non-followers from the Activity or the Search & Explore area, where people can see posts that their followers have liked.

You did it!

Thanks for sticking with us and taking the time to absorb some helpful Instagram marketing tips. How does it feel now that you know how to optimize your business bio and profile, create and use hashtags and ad campaigns, find and attract influencers, and create and understand the power of a business niche? Implement these simple Instagram marketing tips, be patient, and remain confident in your new-found skills… and watch your audience (and sales) grow!


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