An Inaugural “Toast Post” to Kick Off the New Year

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. There, I said it…

Not only do we tend to over-promise and under-deliver, but the term resolution always seems to resonate with an eventual expiration date. “This year I’m going to muster the willpower to overcome my chocolate addiction,” only to be met with the perfect storm of emotion and craving. Needless to say, self loathing follows when an unnamed person devours that box of Gertrude Hawk smidgens in a couple sittings. As if milk chocolate fingers aren’t guilt enough, there’s the note tucked inside the holiday box. “Go on, indulge. You earned it.” Thanks, Ma. But that’s why I’m tipping the scale to begin with.

Similarly, perhaps we rely too heavily on New Year’s resolutions to kick start self-evaluation, goal setting, and the likes. Because let’s be honest, for said resolutions to really have a lasting impact, they typically need to be dialed back with a healthy dose of realism and viewed with the seriousness of an actual commitment. It’s the difference between a resolution of losing 20 lbs. and the decision to secure a trainer who will establish a baseline, present a series of steps to achieve the desired end result, and offer motivation when you’re thinking of throwing in the towel.

Remember, a goal without a plan is simply a wish. Likewise, the initial enthusiasm sparked by good intention around the New Year will begin to fade without something more meaningful to support it long term. And our team is determined to walk that journey right alongside you, using this communication center as way to empower a more mindful professional. From business to self care, our commitment is to present relevant topics and compelling features that will encourage you to foster the best version of yourself not just in 2018, but hereon out. Thanks for following along!

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